Using Alibaba to Understand China Manufacturing Cities

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You might be interested to know that China works a lot differently to other countries in the world. Supplier tend to be consolidated in certain area, so if you looking for Shoes, there will be a Shoe city or a few Shoe cities in different areas, close to our office is a city called Zhongshan….Zhongshan is famous for three different types of products: –
  1. Sport shoes….most “Made in China” Nike’s or Adidas are made in Zhongshan often by the same manufacture… the same area will also consulate related businesses…so also in Zhongshan are some specialist fabric manufactures
  2. Furniture….Zhongshan is also a big area for the manufacturing of furniture
  3. Lighting….Zhongshan also is a specialist around for the manufacture of lighting….from LED light to Street lights it’s all made here!

Purchasing Tip: If you living outside of China, I suggest you might want to try and consolidate your business in one province, otherwise if you ever visit your supplier you will find you have supplier scattered all over China and China is very big,  so when sourcing from Alibaba you can sort the supplier location by province, I suggest you review this!








You can also use this to see where the supplier base is, check below, you can clearly see that Guangdong is the manufacturing hub for this type of product.


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