Why using agents from Alibaba might not be a good idea

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Why using agents from Alibaba or Aliexpress might not be a good idea

Most suppliers on Alibaba or Aliexpress will tell you they are the factory direct, a lot genuinely are, but there are also a large amount of middlemen out to make a quick buck from you, they are very convincing, living in China we have experience of their technics to hide the truth from you, so let us explain WHY sometimes it’s dangerous to your business to use these guy’s


“Lillian has customers buying products from her, that she then sources from other companies and sells to her customers…..most of her customers don’t know she is an agent (and she is too scared to tell them!), you might think how can this be…..Lilian has an agreement with each of the suppliers that they will not steal her customers, she also has an official email address for each of the companies she is working with, so it’s easy for her to convince you that she is working there…not sitting at home drinking tea in her apartment”

“Occasionally her customers comes to China to visit the factory or carry out inspections, it’s easy for her to arrange to take them to one of her suppliers factory….she even has the company uniform that she will wear on that day, so they would have no idea that she does not work for them”

So you may think why is this so bad for me?

Where it goes wrong, you know the supplier, you know the email address, maybe you visited the factory before…..now this factory is starting to have quality problems…the agent really wants to change factories so they can resolve the issues, but they told you they are the factory, so this means they are stuck…..they are too scared now to tell you they are an agent, maybe if they tell you then you will move the business, so now your business is stuck at a factory with poor quality, sometimes your agent will tell you they left the factory and the new company can make your products cheaper……made you agree, but be carefully the agent can only play this card one time or you will start to be suspicious

ALWAYS Ask the supplier if they are an agent or a factory, right at the beginning this is your best chance of finding out the truth.

There are some really great agent’s out there, but you need to be aware of the problems using these agents from Alibaba or Aliexpress might cause your business


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