The 5th Amazon Sellers Meetup @ Canton Fair 2017

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Hi All,

Are you attending the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China this April/May?I’m arranging the FIFTH Amazon/Canton Fair Meetup, the event will take place at Phase 2 & Phase 3

What’s it all about

This will be the FIFTH time I have organised this totally FREE event, it’s basically a casual meet up for Amazon Sellers over some burgers or a beer (everyone needs to pay for their own food and beers), the May 2017 events were very successfully with 200 people attending, some people even suggested I started to charge for the event as they felt they had learnt some much, and got the opportunity to network with some ROCKSTARS of th Amazon world, but the event is still FREE!

Where to meet

Starting time is 19:00 @ McCawley’s Irish Bar Guangzhou, feel free to get there earlier!

• Phase 2 = Tuesday 25th April

• Phase 3 = Tuesday 2nd may

16 Huacheng Ave, Tianhe, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China +86 20 3801 7000

Other Exhibition Info

If you’re coming to Asia there are a lot of exhibitions on especially in Hong Kong, these shows are really great! If you’re coming from far away make sure you plan to attend them!

You can download our Exhibition Calendar for FREE by clicking here!

Contact Me

The best way to contact or talk with me…is wechat…this is a phone app like WhatsApp mixed with Facebook, twitter, etc…It is an excellent app

Wechat is the most used app in China…all supplier will have it…it’s great for talking to them after work time when you can’t get them, it has an English version you can download

it from this link

We have amazing group on WECHAT of nearly 200 Amazon Sellers, If you add me on wechat I’ll place you in this group

ONLY DOWNLOAD THE PHONE APP (The PC version needs the phone app to work)

My username is: chris_zhuhai



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